Likha, a trendsetting ecommerce website, masterfully balances professional website design services with user-experience design, ultimately presenting a visually appealing and intuitive platform for skincare enthusiasts. Their use of light, pastel colors subtly communicates a sense of calm and cleanliness, resonating perfectly with the skincare niche. Large, readable text and generous white space are used in their responsive web design, enhancing the accessibility and navigability for users across various devices. The inclusion of smooth animations adds an interactive element to the browsing experience, drawing users deeper into their compelling product narratives. A distinctive feature of Likha is its custom cursor, which not only adds an innovative touch to the UX/UI design, but also further emphasizes their commitment to creating a unique, personalized online shopping journey. This ecommerce website design demonstrates an effective blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality, standing as a prime example of ecommerce design best practices.



Gilda Display & Futura